Body Treatments

The Pure Fiji body treatments range uses a blend of pure virgin coconut oil and local nut extracts infused with tropical flowers to soften, moisturize and protect the skin. You will love the super moisturizing body treatment butters, fresh sugarcane scrubs, hydrating body treatment lotions, nourishing bath and body massage oils and a luxurious coconut milk bath soak for the ultimate tropical beauty experience.

Fiji Ritual

Breathe deep and be transported far away to the tropical Fiji islands. Your ritual begins with a gentle exfoliation using coconut crème scrub followed by a relaxing massage with Exotic Bath & Body Massage Oil. Coconut Body Butter is then applied and you are wrapped in a warm wrap to promote hydration, nourishment and repair of damage to the deepest layers of the skin. Concluding with a traditional Fijian scalp treatment using warmed coconut oil which restores shine and life to the hair while treating the scalp with vitamins A, B, C and E.

€120 - Time 80 Min

Pure Fiji Paradise Glow

Relax and enjoy a full body exfoliation with our Fiji sugar cane body scrub and coconut milk bath to help rid the body of dead skin, followed by a warm exotic massage to restore balance and promote a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

€80 - Time 50 Min


Hydrating Island Wrap

Hydrate your skin and relax your soul. This treatment will leave your mind renewed and your body restored. Your skin is gently dry brushed then warm exotic oil is applied. Your body is then enveloped in a warm cocoon while your hands & feet are gently massaged with rich Fijian body butter. This ultimate treatment leaves your body & mind with an ′island glow′.

€80 - Time 50 Min

Dilo Rescue Wrap

Tropical Dilo nut oil that works miracles on troublesome skin such as sun burn, psoriasis, eczema or irritated skin. High in vitamin A, E, C combined with coconut oil and Aloe Vera makes a supercharged healing cocktail for the skin. This cool wrap will soothe your skin while a hot oil massage will clear your mind.

€80 - Time 50 Min

Essence Of Fiji

Your ritual will begin with a full exfoliation using coconut crème scrub followed by a relaxing massage with exotic oils. Wrapped in a warm rich butter to promote hydration, nourish and repair skin, drift away with a soothing Fijian facial, containing botanical blends and plant peptides, cold pressed oils and deep sea algae to nourish, hydrate, reduce wrinkles and improve skin tones. This Fijian hydrating facial along with pure Fiji′s signature body ritual will transport you to your island paradise.

€150 - Time 1 hour 45 minutes