Detoxing & Sliming Treatments

Futura Pro Weight Loss

Using revolutionary micro technology, Futura Pro electronicallt stimulates the body′s impulses to reshape the body. The soothing ultra wave signals instantly accesses impossible to reach body areas. Skin, fat and muscles, connectice tissues, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated effectively to calorie burn, slim, tighten, tone lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate.

You can loose up to a stone and 2 dress sizes in 28 days and is used by celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Palthrow. ( Pleae speak directly to a staff member as each course is tailor made).

Consultation 45 minutes €50
Single Treatment €40

Special Offer 10 treatments for half price €200 ( normally €400)

Seaweed Detox

This full body wrap which includes full body exfoliation, uses pure seaweed extract , while the guest is cocooned in warm blankets and towels, detoxifying the body of impurities This also includes a complementary Thermal Spa Experience.

Cost €100 - Est. Time 55 Min

Ultimate Detox

This treatment includes a Platinum Detox treatment and Reflexology This is the ultimate way to detox, allowing your body to drain away toxins through the soles of the feet with our Platinum Detox foot bath. This treatment is followed by a reflexology to help re-energise the body.

Cost €100 - Est. Time 1 hour 30 minutes

Universal Contour Body Wrap

Classic is the scientifically proven inch loss treatment from Universal Contour Wrap that guarantees you to loose at lease 6 inches in just two hours, making it the perfect solution when you have to look oyur best for a special occasion. This may sound too good to be true but with average losses of 10-14 inches from just one treatment, UCW also tightens and tones your body while exfoliating and cleansing the skin so you will not only look great, you′ll feel fabulous too, after just one treatment.

2 hours. One treatment €80, course of three €210