Personal Training in Limerick

* receive individualized programming for your body type and for your specific needs and goals.
* You experience unparalleled motivation and increased self-esteem.
* You can maximize your time with pre-planned workouts
* You receive up to date information on training and nutrition.
* You learn safety and injury prevention.
* You receive professional guidance and expertise.
* You will be exposed to a variety of types of training to help your personal growth.
* There will be a progression of routines to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, designed for you and your lifestyle.
* You always have someone interested and concerned about your fitness and health

Personal Training is fun! It's nice to have someone who, motivates you and is your 'coach'! It's great to have someone looking out for your fitness and health. Why not treat yourself and invest in personal training. Available for all Members looking for that extra push. Our qualified instructors are constantly on hand to provide one-to-one assistance to help members attain their personal goals.

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