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TRX Training

TRX, The New Way to Train, at Fitzgeralds Woodlands Health and Leisure Club

  • TRX is a relatively new way of training
  • One huge advantage of TRX is that it’s so versatile that anybody can use it
  • When the exercise is done with correct  technique, your core, which is made up of your pelvis, back, chest and abdominal muscles are engaged with every movement as your core benefits from instability training rather than stable training.
  • TRX training is also designed in a way that does not put a lot of pressure on the joints
  • We here at Woodlands Leisure Club provide 1-1 TRX training, 2-1 TRX training and classes for both members and non-members.
  • You will need to do TRX training at least twice a week to see results

Prices for group classes are €5 for members and €8 for non-members.

If the class times don’t suit you, then 1-1’s and 2-1’s are also available. 



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