Swim Lessons in our 20 Metre Swimming Pool

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Water Confidence:
Aim: To get child confident in water and immerse whole body & face.

Aim : Teach one swim stroke and improve water skills. Will suit one who has no fear of the water & can move around without armbands and can immerse their entire body in the water.

Aim: Teach correct technique for 2 strokes. Will suit one who can swim a stroke, but needs to improve.

Junior swim club:
Aim: Improve swim endurance and teach basic water safety technique. Will suit a child who can swim well and is interested in endurance training and basic lifesaving training.

Swim A Song:
Parent and Baby (4-36 months) Combines music, song and rhythm with educational water based games, to help babies safely learn to enjoy the water

School Swim Lessons: - Booking is Essential Please contact Club Reception