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Swim Lessons in our 20 Metre Swimming Pool

Kids Swim Lesson Levels:

Tadpole - This is a water confidence class for children who have never done lessons before. They will learn to put their face in the water, the basics of front and back crawl, and have fun in the water with pool games.

Goldfish - A step-up from tadpole, in this class they will learn the arm movements for front and back crawl. They will learn the basics of floating unassisted and diving to the bottom of the pool.

Sea Lion - Swimming longer distances, improving technique and preparing them for the deep end of the pool.

Dolphin - Breast stroke will be introduced here as well as fine tuning the front and back stroke technique. Swimming 20m at a time.

Shark - Last class before Lanes, they will work on improving distances by doing the lengths during the class. Diving from the edge of the pool will also be introduced here.

Lanes - Swimming lengths, distance and technique will be tested in this class.

Advanced Lanes - Higher intensity than the lane class, speed and power will be the priority in this class.

Not sure which level your child is? Don't worry, we will be happy to assess them and advise on the best level for them. 



School Swim Lessons: Are you a school looking to organise swim lessons? We can help. Call us on 061605111 or email