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Discover the Woodlands Fairy Trail 

Explore the magical fairy trail located in the gardens of the Woodlands House Hotel 

The little fairy houses were only discovered in 2015 by accident when our farmer Jim was cutting trees on the grounds. However researchers have identidied that the Woodlands has been inhabited by mystical creatures for thousands of years. 

Come with the kids and search for more communities within the trees. There is no fee or charge. Maps and fairy dust can all be collected at reception. 


Some of the communities which have been found include:

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden is home to many fairies. The garden is very magical, all the plants and trees hold magic and healing powers, making this the safest place for the fairies to live.The worry tree in the garden takes all your worries away, just place your hand on the tree and it will carry them away. The enchanted trees grant your wishes. Close your eyes, place your hand on one of the trees and  make a wish.

Mushroom Kingdom

Here is the home of Aelfric, the King of the Fairies. He lives here with his family. Aelfric is the most powerful fairy and has many treasures. The coloured stones and gems around his home protect Aelfric and his family from danger and fairy thieves. Some times when you look up inti the trees you can see Aelfric flying around watching over his kingdom.

Next Stop Never Land

This is the busiest place in all of the Fairy Kingdom. Many fairies come here to meet their friends or rest before they set off for Never Land. Sssshh be very quiet you dont want to wake anyone up. Whisper softly and wave good bye to the fairies wishing them a safe journey

The Magical Music Wood

Here Lives Sile and Aillén. They love playing music and dancing. All the music instruments have been made by Sile, Aillén and their friends. If you listen closely you can hear the fairies ringing their bells saying hello and playing music. Sometimes you can see the fairies dancing in the trees. 

Masters Nest

This is the home of the fairy Elders. All the Elders are very wise and other fairies come here for advice and to learn about fairy history. The Elders have very strong magical powers and hear all your wishes. There is no need to shout your wishes, the wind will carry your thoughts and wishes to the Elders. 

Pooka's Palace

Pooka is a very mischievous fairy. He loves to play tricks on humans and other fairies. Have you ever woken up with tangles in your hair, well that's a trick Pooka and his friends like to play on people. His palace is filled with lots of treasures he has found and borrowed while playing his tricks. Don't stay here too long or Pooka might just play a trick on you.



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