A Sustainable Leap: Introducing the Reusable Cup Scheme at The Treehouse

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Reusable Treehouse Cup Scheme as part of our journey to Zero Waste in The Treehouse

At Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel, we’ve always strived to provide our guests with exceptional experiences while being mindful of our environmental footprint. Since the inception of our beloved Treehouse outdoor dining area, we’ve served countless cups of coffee to our wonderful patrons. However, there’s a stark reality that accompanies this — we’ve used over 100,000 disposable coffee cups.

Even though our coffee cups have been compostable, the unfortunate truth is that many still end up in landfill. This is a reality we can no longer ignore. Our commitment to sustainability has driven us to make a significant change, one that we believe will positively impact our environment and our community.

Treehouse Reusable Cups

Why We’re Making the Change

The global environmental crisis demands immediate action from all of us. While compostable cups are a step in the right direction, the journey to sustainability doesn’t end there. Many of these cups still contribute to waste problems, often because they aren’t disposed of properly.

By transitioning to reusable cups, we are not only reducing waste but also fostering a culture of sustainability within our community. This initiative reflects our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship and aligns with our broader sustainability goals.

How the Reusable Treehouse Cup Scheme Works

Our new scheme is designed to be simple and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless transition for our valued customers:

  1. Purchase Your Coffee as Usual: Enjoy your favourite brew just like you always have.
  2. Deposit €2 for Your Cup: Receive your coffee in a high-quality, reusable Treehouse cup.
  3. Return or Reuse: Bring back your cup on your next visit to reclaim your €2 deposit, or take your cup home and bring it back whenever you need a refill.

This system not only encourages the reuse of cups but also offers flexibility and convenience to our customers. Whether you choose to return the cup or keep it for future use, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

Join Us on Our Sustainability Journey

At Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel, our sustainability journey is a collective effort. We’re constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and promote green practices. The Reusable Treehouse Cup Scheme is a crucial part of this mission, and we are excited to embark on this new chapter with you.

Your support and participation are vital. By choosing reusable cups, you’re helping to reduce waste and conserve resources. Together, we can make a significant difference.

We thank you for joining us on this path towards a more sustainable future. Let’s sip our coffee and cherish our planet, one reusable cup at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates and green initiatives from Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel. Together, we can brew change.

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